Dream, Believe Institute is a holistic healing center where we offer mental health counseling for individuals, couples and families, including simple treatment plans as well as encouraging training for meditation, prayer and yoga. DBI is also training those who want to become mental health counselors. We believe to have a total life transformation people must deal with both symptom management as well as root cause issues. Symptom management includes communication issues, codependency and addiction issues. Root issues lead to the symptoms that stem from un-dealt with original trauma caused by an original negative belief system. DBI offers tools for each individual how to live one day at a time to experience peace, tranquility, freedom and happiness.

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Mental Health Counseling

We invite you to join the transformation process! We are excited to offer you the opportunity to begin healing, as you are equipped with the necessary tools to accept your value as we walk together to see your dreams come true! 

Spiritual Practices

We use mediation, prayer and yoga as a daily means to develop a relationship with yourself, to have inner peace, sobriety and to find a new found freedom of happiness.

Groups/Recovery Program

We have groups for addiction and codependency and invite you to enter a recovery program including A.A, Alanon, and codependency meetings to encourage your daily sobriety and enhance your relationships with those you love. 



Would you like to become a trained Mental Health Counselor? 

We offer supervision and hours for those seeking to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

Call 1-855-SET-FREE